Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1 Month! alhamdulillah

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

It has been a month and still counting since we're married.
I treasure every minute of it. Every second, and every single day that I have with him.

I am still adapting myself in equalizing my weekends. Shall it be my mom's house or his parents' house every weekend.

My mom's house - most of the time.

I am still adapting myself in sharing my life, my space, my bed, my toothbrush (euww) with the husband of mine.

I am still adapting myself in having solat berjemaah with a husband.

I am still adapting in cooking for a person, when I know that I spent minor time with my mom in the kitchen, resulting me as a bad cook.

I am still adapting in reminding myself that I hold a responsibility. That I will carry sins if I am neglecting my responsibility. To listen to him, to obey him, to consult him when he needs advices, to be the biggest supporter to him - whenever he needs one.

To my husband,

I love you. thank you for being a loving husband. Thank you for loving me. I will carry on my responsibility, as I do it because I love you so much..

and I don't know how I should live my life without you.

With Love,
Your Wife, N.S.A.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dedicated to MY FATHER

ayah was born in July 8th, 1954 at Melaka

My husband, ayah, Pak Uda and me went to Melaka last night.

Along the way, ayah was telling pak uda about how he raised up the 4 of us (my siblings and I).

Life was hard back then. He was finishing his studies and mom was just started working.

I was born 2 years later. Ayah and ibu had to live in mak lang's house in gombak. Aiman burst 2 years after me, followed by nina and in 1990 - aisyah.

I still remember when ayah used to send us to tadika (Tadika Intan, somewhere in Gombak Setia), the 4 (ayah, ibu, me and aiman) of us were sharing a motorbike together.

I was embarrassed if my colleagues saw me cramping myself in between my parents.
Plus, my hair was looking all messed up due to the heavy wind. It was cold and crampy.

That was then.

Ayah was not a doctor, not a diplomat, not a lawyer- I once wished I had a father who has a fancy job so that I can brag to my fellow friends. - I was plain stupid at that period of time.

Again, that was then.

I am proud that my daddy is Zulkeplee B. Ab. Hamid. If I had to do this all over again, I would definitely won't change anything. I would always want to be his daughter.

We could never replaced what he had lost to raise us.
Never in our lives, we could ever pay back what he did to raise the 4 of us.

But he could now tell his friends that:
i. aina- well, I am doing my 'thing'

ii. aiman is working his a** off back and forth for his "Anugerah Naib Cancelor" - in engineering.

ii. nina is in her 3rd year doing Medical&Surgery and will be posting to Australia or Ireland next year;

iv. and finally, his mengada-ngada daughter aisyah, is flying to India next month,
for a Medical&Surgery degree as well.

ayah dah berehat. dan pencen. hehe. he was saying that " ayah nak jadi jaga je la masa nina& aisyah bukak klinik nanti"..

Ina sayang ayah. i love u with all my heart and soul.

Semoga ayah dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki. Hanya Allah swt yang akan membalas segala kebaikkan dan kesusahan ayah dalam membesarkan kami.

"O Allah! Forgive my sins, and the sins of my parents, have mercy on them both as they have looked after me when I was little"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

makan makan

Msg dia: Yg esk mkn kat starhill. ok ke skedule (schedule) awk?

Yesss! suka sangat! lalalalalala...

Friday, June 11, 2010

World cup vs Wife!

Doshite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou? - lagu alarm clock pagi²

I'm having a hay fever and runny nose :(

today is the last day of my holiday :( :( :(
after sending b to work, i had my breakfast at oldtown white coffee, bangi. had a huge breakfast alone. sambil2 texting my husband.

coming home. baring2 sambil tengok AFC. b dah pasang fridge. yes. we bought a new fridge! am so happy ☺☺☺

badan tak larat. but as i'm watching AFC right now, thinking of making my husband a dinner. maybe a simple one. with sardine. hehe (1st attempt, people!!)..

after the horrible incident at the horrible restaurant, think my husband deserves an air tangan of his lovely wife (^_^)V

i'll try. my body says no but my heart says GO!

faris sayang, i'm doing this for you. so you have to pay more attention to your wife even when it takes you off from THE WORLD CUP's FEVER tonight! hahahaha.

told you i'm good in swaying my husband's heart..walaupun masak sardin je..hehehe

Thursday, June 10, 2010

weight loss

i want my thin chin back :'(

tensen btol.
i am fat. i know. so stop telling me that i am.

i mean, i do exercise. cuma makan je tak bole jaga.
b makan banyaaaaak, tapi tak gemok2 pun...aku makan sikit je jadi tembam.

yesterday, i was keen to quit eating carbs. i did not eat any nasi from 10am~7.30pm.
but then, b ajak pegi makan. it was a horrible restaurant. i hate it. (went home and throw up).
b ada beli nasi ayam. dia suapkan a few chunk. tapi dah sebu dah perut.

thus, yesterday was a credit.

today, i started with a Big Breakfast (revenged) with OJ at McD. after sending b to work.
hmm think i should do some running. am here at my parents' house in Jln Duta.
need to pack some stuff before picking up b at 7pm today.

balikla cepat syg :(

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Arina & Akbar

Nice theme! I like this picture because I look good too! theee he hehehehe
1st wedding ceremony attended as husband+wife :)

I've been knowing her for 6 years, tru Nani.
We were roommates back at UM. She is a clever girl with a pleasant smile.

She always give me advices. I'd talked to her if i had crisis with boys.
She helps a lot - with everything.

One time, i went out with b and it was really late. my mom was really mad.
Arina took the covering part...hahahaha. that was really funny!

And I am thankful that I have her as a friend.

Congrats Arina & Akbar.

We'll try to make it on Akbar's side this Sunday.

to please a husband

bekalan makanan untuk baby g keje, yg akhirnya dimakan bersama..giving a pat on my shoulder for the efforts! haha

yesterday was the first day for b to start working - after his leaves for our wed.

i am taking leaves 'til the end of this week.
bila fikir-fikir, boring pulak dok rumah sensorang, baby takde...

he started to sneeze a lot the night before.

i woke up at 6.40am. terkebil-kebil.

i woke him up. and he suddenly said "oh, dah tak sempat yang".

me : kan awal lagi ni yang (dengan buat-buat muka comel)

b : oh yeke, jap jap
hmm, tapi i tak larat ni, demam

me : tu la. jomla japlagi kite g jumpa doktor k (sambil pegang dahi b)

b : ok..

me : YESSSZA! (in silence)

...........berjaya taktik aku supaya dia tak yah gi keje. lalalalalala..

Being a wife

i'm married! alhamdulillah.
at the age of 26, with a humble and lovely man.

May Allah bless us, and unite us in khair (goodness). ameen.