Thursday, June 10, 2010

weight loss

i want my thin chin back :'(

tensen btol.
i am fat. i know. so stop telling me that i am.

i mean, i do exercise. cuma makan je tak bole jaga.
b makan banyaaaaak, tapi tak gemok2 pun...aku makan sikit je jadi tembam.

yesterday, i was keen to quit eating carbs. i did not eat any nasi from 10am~7.30pm.
but then, b ajak pegi makan. it was a horrible restaurant. i hate it. (went home and throw up).
b ada beli nasi ayam. dia suapkan a few chunk. tapi dah sebu dah perut.

thus, yesterday was a credit.

today, i started with a Big Breakfast (revenged) with OJ at McD. after sending b to work.
hmm think i should do some running. am here at my parents' house in Jln Duta.
need to pack some stuff before picking up b at 7pm today.

balikla cepat syg :(

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