Monday, July 5, 2010


*Serenity: Taken from the window of our honeymoon's vacation place*

Was listening to Alanis Morissete - Thank you.

Came to the verse of 'How about how good it feels to finally forgive you'.
Miss that song, really.
It was during my secondary school - when I first heard the song.

Forgiving sucks. Tell me about it. Forgiving is hard.
Ask someone who has been consistently hurted by an a**, you would know.

Nevertheless, life must go on. When we couldn't do anything, we don't do it.
That is when Karma comes. Just let Karma does her thing.

And by doing that- let it be, is the most sacred thing I'd learnt. And it surprised me
that I was brave enough. To keep my head up, when I was supposed to mellow.
And that time, my husband was there. Tru thick and thin (thank you sayang).
I saw the true colours. Finally had to put everything to a stop.

To those, my advice is - look at the bright side and every corner of your troubles.
It's a test God gives you. He grants the test, because He remembers you.

Good luck.

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