Friday, July 2, 2010

Sis is Leaving

*Baby sis is leaving us for 5 years*

My youngest sister is leaving (sob sob....hurrah!) hahaha

Her due date is going to be on August, 2010.

Hmm, think I better leave up some words, until she leaves. Baru ada feel!

Btw, she has a blog now..(DON'T click here) do drop by if u just want to see a rotten-english language and a messy blog to fill in your spare time :)

*Deto deto*

My husband and I watched Knight and Day together last Wednesday. It was our first movie since we're married (cam dah lama je kawen). Best la tengok wayang dengan husband. We went back home at 10pm. He was exhausted. Sampai-sampai terus tido.

Btw, Knight and Day - featuring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz is certainly recommended. I love Love and a lil' spy thingy movies. 4 stars!

I would like to catch up some K-session, this weekend. Lama tak nyanyi2..hehehe

Happy Weekend People! Bye for now.

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