Monday, August 2, 2010


Aah.. mondays.
Whoever loves Monday? Going to work. Seeing pile of files on your desk.
Nothing can cheer me up, even after I'd decorated some flowers on my desk.
(pink flowers)

And what the heck with this slow broadband? and this new post.

Not feeling well today. Feeling weird.
The husband pick me up, and said 'I dapat RM 100. Nak makan ape? Jom, I belanja'
That had cheered me up - though the fact that we'll be using his money, ALL the TIME.

Keen of going to my parents' house tomorrow.
Farewell call to my sis on Wednesday.

I seriously need a vacation or something.
Just to booze the emotions up.

Thank God I have this husband of mine (besides my lovely family)
Why does he loves me so much?

*Yeah, this is the husband*

I don't care.
I love him. So much. I don't want to live another life, without him.

Ok. this is soapy. Stop it.

Laters folks.
Hopefully, your day was better.
Regardless of who you are.


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