Friday, September 24, 2010

Scary Dreams, Please Go Away

Perfect. I woke up precisely at 4am every-single day. Everyday.
In my condition right now, it started to worry me. I need to rest. To get a good sleep.

Having the same bad dreams every time I sleep, scares me.
Looking at my husband sleeping, it'll brake my heart if I have to wake him up,
just to make him worries more. I'll wake up and do some prayers.

Only to Him that I ask guidance and favors, ask He knows what I do not know.

As long as the thought bothers me, I shall be brave. This is just a test.
It wants me to tremble apart. I have my husband next to me, everytime I need him.

I shall be brave. Like I always do.

O Allah, I seek forgiveness for every sin, I committed, about which, of course, You know inside and out, from the beginning to the end of my life, whether committed deliberately or intentionally, few or many, abstruse or manifest, old or new, secretly carried out or openly done; and for whatever wrong I have done I turn repentant unto You and beseech You to bless Muhammad and the children of Muhammad and forgive all my unjust acts I did to wrong the people (because they have rights which I have to recognize and fulfill) but You have full authority to forgive those wrongdoings whenever and howsoever You wish, O the most merciful.

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