Monday, October 25, 2010

Travelling and Love

Ouh, what's the best word could describe travelling?
Can't upload the pictures yet, I assume after I get back I'll upload them all.

Way from home is the best thing sometimes. Need a break from almost everything.
The best of all this trip is - i have my husband with me. a husband i share my life with.
And I could see how patience he is in every sort of things, and I know I'm a lucky person.

You can pretend to be something that you're not.
But when you're married, your true colours will reveal.
They say that the first 3 months of marriage were the bestest months.
True. Perhaps - if you're the pretending type.
But I enjoy every moments of my married life, and to living this life with the right guy is a bonus.

No one knows whether you're marrying the right person. but we hold on to our dear lives that he/she would always be there for you. You may think that you're good or pretty enough, but if he's a cheater or a liar - there would always be another woman better and prettier than you.
That happens on vice versa basis.

Another week would be our 5 months anniversary. Though I know he's not good with words, but everything about him is something that can't be describe by words - only I thank Allah for my prayers had been answered, that He granted him for being my half.

And I can assure him that I will be with him, through thick and thin. He will not be alone this time. He has me, now. We'll face everything together. I will be standing by him for all my life.

Friday, October 8, 2010

anak jiran yang comel

*anak jiran yang akan jadi bahan kajian subjek harini
katil buruk itu aisyah yang punya*

sebelum ni rumah sebelah kitorang kosong. tiba-tiba (ok, guna ayat tiba-tiba pulak, skema gile) ada sorang nyonya muda datang dengan laki dia yang cam omputih.

pastu diorang pun jadi la jiran kami. anak dia cooooooomel sangat. sairah nama dia.
dah nak dekat setahun dah kami berjiran. suka sangat ngn sairah. dulu dia malu-malu nak datang rumah. sekarang, pantang ibu dia lepa je gate, mesti dia masuk rumah kitorang.
sabtu ahad memang pintu rumah kitorang terbukak je.
dia pepandai je naik tangga, pastu masuk bilik i.

tapi sebab dia comel, suka main ngn dia. she's soo adorable. mungkin sebab dia tak tau nak panggil my mom ape, so dia panggil "ibu" my daddy pulak dia panggil "ayah"..

*muka kengkonon comel makan jagung sepah-sepah*

sairah boleh cakap 4 bahasa..english, mandarin, cantonese ngn malay - walaupun pelat.
tapi nakal kemain. lompat-lompat kat katil i. lari-lari. kacau ibu masak.
tapi ibu pun cair, sebab dia panggil ibu, ibu.. hehe

nak dijadikan cerita, haritu dia suruh i lukiskan gambar gajah - i memang suka melukis,kan. tapi haritu macam malas nak lukis, sebab tengah surf internet.

akak yang baik : sairah nak lukis apa?
sairah : awak lukiskan saye elephant..
akak yang baik: emm tatau la pulak
sairah : (buat muka cute)
akak yang baik : ok-ok. here is your elephant.
sairah : saye nak dia dengan mama dia..
akak yang baik: .........

ni dia hasil lukisan akak..hahahaha lawak la..cane la sairah tu boleh suka i lukis gambar...hahaha
lawak tak? please la cakap lawak. ok. diam. tak lawak sangat eh? fine. nak tido..

ps: entri harini saje guna bahasa melayu pasar, kasi google translate pening kalau
ditukar ke english

Friday, October 1, 2010

Don't drink and drive ;P

Was packed with protein yesterday. Went out for a go-out night with beloved sayang.
Craving for chicken rice and the yummy tofu. Thank you sayang.
Went back home, both slept early. Sebab kenyang sangat.
Woke up at 2am, hungrily. Ignored the hunger, sleep was been prioritized.

Happy mood for friday. Sayang bought mee hoon for breakfast.
Made a bento for me. Grape bento. Love it!

Oh, lupa pulak. My husband has this strange behaviour. But I don't think it'll bring any harm, but I think it's funny.

We don't really have time to have a proper breakfast, since we are always on the run.
He loves drinks. He will open up a sachet of hot choc with cereal in it, pour a hot water in a cup, and......bussshh walk and drive. Here's my darling:

* Love you, sweetheart of mine *