Friday, October 1, 2010

Don't drink and drive ;P

Was packed with protein yesterday. Went out for a go-out night with beloved sayang.
Craving for chicken rice and the yummy tofu. Thank you sayang.
Went back home, both slept early. Sebab kenyang sangat.
Woke up at 2am, hungrily. Ignored the hunger, sleep was been prioritized.

Happy mood for friday. Sayang bought mee hoon for breakfast.
Made a bento for me. Grape bento. Love it!

Oh, lupa pulak. My husband has this strange behaviour. But I don't think it'll bring any harm, but I think it's funny.

We don't really have time to have a proper breakfast, since we are always on the run.
He loves drinks. He will open up a sachet of hot choc with cereal in it, pour a hot water in a cup, and......bussshh walk and drive. Here's my darling:

* Love you, sweetheart of mine *


  1. kelaka kot sha laki ko..hahha..rupa nye manusia ni ada pelbagai sifat yang pelik :)

  2. tu wo dapat discover perangai orang hehe