Monday, October 25, 2010

Travelling and Love

Ouh, what's the best word could describe travelling?
Can't upload the pictures yet, I assume after I get back I'll upload them all.

Way from home is the best thing sometimes. Need a break from almost everything.
The best of all this trip is - i have my husband with me. a husband i share my life with.
And I could see how patience he is in every sort of things, and I know I'm a lucky person.

You can pretend to be something that you're not.
But when you're married, your true colours will reveal.
They say that the first 3 months of marriage were the bestest months.
True. Perhaps - if you're the pretending type.
But I enjoy every moments of my married life, and to living this life with the right guy is a bonus.

No one knows whether you're marrying the right person. but we hold on to our dear lives that he/she would always be there for you. You may think that you're good or pretty enough, but if he's a cheater or a liar - there would always be another woman better and prettier than you.
That happens on vice versa basis.

Another week would be our 5 months anniversary. Though I know he's not good with words, but everything about him is something that can't be describe by words - only I thank Allah for my prayers had been answered, that He granted him for being my half.

And I can assure him that I will be with him, through thick and thin. He will not be alone this time. He has me, now. We'll face everything together. I will be standing by him for all my life.