Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Belly dancing

*My day off*
.Oh buruks pulak kaki tu.

My belly grows. As usual :)
(Sambil mengusap-ngusap perut)

But this time the feeling is beyond explanation.
I am now in my second trimester - how cool to say something like that? hehe.

Every single days is full of wonders. Gettin' curious in everything.
I asked. But I always do my own research. Just to fade the curiosity with logical explanations.

*Dia tetiba nak jadi Justine Bieber*

My husband has been supportive. As he always does.
Hopefully, he or she will inherit majority of his traits. *Merayu*

As if eating was not my favourite, alhamdulillah I don't have nausea - that much.
We went to India, I puked in front of one of the malls because I had my breakfast late.
And my husband was really worried. Or perhaps disgusted. Kan sayang? hehe. Lucky for him, that scene (seeing my puke) is rare.

Knew about this 3 months ago. Wouldn't want to say it out loud. Just love surprises :)
Are you surprised? Me too :))

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