Monday, January 31, 2011

The VIPs in My Life

It's been a while since I last update. I was focusing on so many things.
Besides, so many things happened in a plate.
What's new? What's new? (dengan gaya-gaya macik dalam cerita halimah jonggang)

1. Abang's new job
2. Nina in New Zealand!
3. Me, getting fatter
4. Aisyah is fatter than me! (Ikon YM yang gelak guling-guling)
5. Aiman finally wants to join us for CNY's vacation.


Ibu dah buat bantal baby. Terima kasih bu.
Ayah pun dah cari kan air zam zam for my baby.
My family has always been my pillar of strengths.

How could I live without them?
I guess, our ibu and ayah are trying to dissolve the fact that
nina and aisyah are far away from them.

You can tell, when my daddy pretends like he doesn't really care.
When we tell him how's nina going on there. And how aisyah skipped her class.
And later on, he'll text aisyah. and ask me to log in his fb so that he can see nina's pix.
And he would pretend like he likes ice cream that me and faris bought.
and later would whine over after aiman finished all the ice cream.

My mom is something else.
Tears would pour when she tells me and faris about aisyah at her school.
And later would wiped her tears, and pretends like she caught dust in her eyes.
I would call her everyday although we are so near.
And she would tell me that she can't sleep if nina said she's not really well
or nina got lost in auckland's road *really nina?*.

I'd rather keep it to myself.
Whether I'm sick or unhealthy.
I would tell them only the good stories.
I think Aiman does too.
We are the eldest.
Because they worry about almost everything.
They worry about how tiring abang would be if he has to drive from nilai-shah alam.
Ibu would suggests abundant of alternative roads. Ayah too.

We love them.
Both of them.

They are the pillar of our strengths.

When I asked ibu should I eat this or that, so that I can have an Einstein baby,
she answered "takyah de makan benda-benda ngarut tu,
ibu tak makan pun, anak-anak ibu berjaya je"


Soon, my baby would meet the VIPs in my life.
My ayah, ibu, husband, aiman, nina and aisyah.

And he/she has 2 more months in my womb.
We all are waiting. Anxiously.

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