Friday, December 23, 2011


Me mum is too busy. And she ruins her handphone. 
So that explain the no-update thingy.
Do check on me though.
Check out my car, people :)

Abah bought it for me.
It's a car powered by battery. I like cars nowadays.
Lorries draw my attention.
My uncle booked MDH 21 as my plate number.
How cool is that.

Mum is going for Askar Wataniah's course for a month, soon.
They say that they will take her handphone.
I guess I'll be missing mum so much.
But I know that she loves me so much.
She has a new breastpump now. I guess more milk for me, then. Yum.
Ok. So long~

Oh, and I am 8 months old today.
What a big boy I am.
I'm 9.12kg today :)