Thursday, August 9, 2012

A premature baby's story

22 years ago ayah took me and Aiman to a private hospital (Hospital al Arqam) in the middle of Kuala Lumpur city by his old motorbike from our kindergarden.

When I arrived at the hospital, ibu was not in my memory picture at this time, but ayah asked us to look at this small premature-red skin baby lying on a glass. With some sort of cottons covering her eyes. She was very tiny, and shivering all the time. Ayah told me that is your little sister. Say 'assalamualaikum to her'

She was a premature. tiny. Like the size of ayah's palm. Then I remember the doctor had to transfer the baby to Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Because of the facilities at the private hospital were limited. The doctor held the baby herself from Hospital al Arqam to Hospital Kuala Lumpur during the journey.

Ayah and ibu prayed so hard hoping the baby would survived. She was so little. That I still can remember clearly. And I also remember that ibu was also crying. And ayah would stay by the bed with ibu.

I was small. All I could remember was playing with aiman, and my 2 years old sister nina.

The baby survived. Think ibu and ayah, aiman and nina and me give so much love to the little baby. And I remember that few years later ibu got very ill she went back to the hospital (she had a miscarriage later on).

The 4 of us
Perhaps I'd deleted some memories of growing up. (haha)
Because I remember aiman more in my memories because of our close birth.
Nina was closer to the youngest baby.

All I can remember is she was small. tiny. Ayah had to force all of us drinking milk and eating half cooked eggs every single day, because he was afraid that people would think that he didn't gv us sufficient nutritious food to eat. Chubby is better.

I remember one day she came home with a trophy bigger than her size. It was her winning of 1st place in a chess competition in Selangor. Ayah always taught us chess since we are little. But none of us really took that game seriously. But our youngest baby stole the limelight. Then she came home with 5As for her UPSR. I was at her school with ibu at the time. Ibu cried, again.

Then she studied at this Sekolah Asrama in Kepong. During her PMR result, ibu and ayah had to perform their Hajj. So I was there during her PMR result. She got 9As (I think) out of 10? Haha. But 1B. And she cried.
(I was thinking to myself....duh, satu B pun nak nanges. Aku PMR dulu ada C lagi-- Bahasa Arab. Haha)
Then SPM. Yea. She got 10As kot. Mostly 11 ke 12 ke ada A2. tapi A la. Hahah.
Boringnye bab ni.

We don't have any resemblance at all. I'm prettier. Of course =P

Now. She is studying far from home. Far from ibu. Far from ayah. She is going to be a Medical Doctor in 3 years to come.

That's my premature sister doctor to be holding a premature baby now.

That's my premature sister. Nur Aisyah Zulkeplee. And 22 years ago, on this day, she was born. Stealing ibu and ayah's love. Because she is the youngest, and I am the eldest. How I envy that.

Happy Birthday premature sister. I don't know what's the best present to give you now. You are so old. I wish I could give you a card or recycle stuffs as a present to you, like I normally did. Haha.

All of us. Few years ago. Since then, it's really hard to gather all of us in a picture.
They are in parts of the world now - to make our parents proud.
ps: Hey I was thinking of doing an entry about my brother, Aiman. But when I post his picture or whatsoever, he would text me and say "delete it". That's our only brother.


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