Wednesday, December 19, 2012

All is well

Finally. My blog.

Alhamdulillah, I'd finally delivered a healthy baby boy, with almost 3.2kg and 49cm tall.
Yes. Another boy for us! And there's always another room for a baby girl, next time.. Or next year, perhaps? Haha.. (not funny)

Sekarang baru day 12th of confinement period. Less rest compare to the first baby. Sebab sorang tido sorang is seeking your attention. When both are sleeping mommy goes online shopping, then bile nak rest?

I sincerely looking like a tired old woman with hair wire hair, bau-bau jamu... So not nice.
The great news is both danials are on breastfeeding. Yeay. That helps me to lose weight just by lying down and produce them milk.

Will write later on kelahiran our second prince, Haikal.
Currently, enjoying my 3 months of full paid maternity leaves! (scream with joy)

Love it.

Me - a wife, a daughter, an eldest sister - and a mom of two joyful boys!

And I thank you Allah for the blessings :)


  1. best okay cuti lama !! congrats shasha

  2. ko dah ramai pompuan.. turn lelaki pulak.. hehehhe
    tahniah... cuti panjang la....

  3. Del: ko next, be prepared :)
    Akem: ko nnt laki ke pempuan?