Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tahun ketiga

Here's to the man that made me pregnant twice,

Happy 3rd anniversary. I love you yang <3

So we celebrated this morning with danial mengamuk nak susu at 4am. Then haikal's eyes were wide open at 5.40am.
Then he pooed. Habis kena tilam. I showered him at 6.00am then 6.35am, off to work.

In case you're wondering, that's 3 years of marriage with 2 boys is like.

Still, alhamdulillah for everything. I am not a perfect wife. Pemalas. Suka membebel. Suka pakai make up. Suka pakai seluar pendek hawaii atau seluar pendek makcik.

That's your wife.
Take it and you can't leave it. Hehe.

This morning's picture. Sempat ambik before work.

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