Sunday, March 2, 2014

A new start

We'd finally managed to move out from my parents house. Haha. After 3 years. 
But I think because everything just seems right. 

1. A nanny for both boys. Alhamdulillah. And hopefully she will continue to be a good nanny for years to come.

2. A good house. Preety pricey, but the house is about 10minutes drive to my office.

I think the two reasons are good enough. But I have to bare Danial's questions like where is jiddah? Abang nak ikut jiddi pegi allahuakbar? Sama mi nina. 

Eventually, since the boys have been with my family for years, I have to chip in my time, like running back home during lunch time, just to make sure they are doing okay. The boys aren't pretty much indoor-type of kids, they don't watch tv for hours, they like to play and running around. So during lunch time, I would bring both in my car and drive around the house (since it's too hot to bring them to the playground). 

And during nights, when F and I are at home, we let them play. Buat sepah, lari-lari and sometimes bring them to see lights around the city. 

Now I am looking forward to finding good places for the boys around our new place. We are trying to do the normal routine like Sunday swimming. We had to skip this week since F had to work this sunday. 

Here were the things we did together at our new place this weekend:

Cleaning our backyard. Before F pegi kerja. Haikal was sleeping. We'd to give Danial some chores. Just to let him gets tired and sleeps afterward.

Went back to my parents house then terus F basuh kereta. Supaya the danials tak cakap 'nak balik nilai nak balik nilai'

Reciting al-fatihah. Mi nina ajar dulu. Haha.

Normally if he has to work on cuti day, F will bring us to dine outside. Guilty-pleasure they say :)

Sejak pindah selalu kena marah. Jiddah ngan jiddi dah jauh nak manja-manjakan dia. Hehe. But the bright side is dia dah tahu nak main dengan adik. And they spend most of the time together main dengan gaduh.

Mama loves you abang. Abang jaga adik k 😘

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