Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Backyard idea

The owner of the house has catered us with a pool. But the last tenant I guess were really busy with works, had left the pool unattended. 

So as we move in the new house. I decided to just clear the unattended garden.

This was before 

Above is today :)

Genius. But then, I speak to myself (eceh) what the fish do I need to do next? The backyard appears to be really empty and lifeless. So currently, being a person who spend 24/7 with handphone in my hands, I started to read:

1. DIY backyard
2. DIY backyard idea

Well these two baru. Haha. As money is something I need to consider deliberately right now.

Hope I will manage to give a facelift towards my backyard as soon as possible. 

Crossing fingers.

Ps: basically it was my maid who did the cleaning, while I was busy looking after the kids 😅


  1. Bz looking after i kids?? Or can i say bz posting this entry? Erkk